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Moving: how to sort it out?

If preparing a move can be a source of anxiety for many of you, organizing will be the key to a successful and serene move! Over time, we accumulate a lot and sometimes too much stuff. This is why sorting is often a mandatory step. In this article, we will give you all our tips and tricks to sort quickly and efficiently.


Moving into a new home allows you to start afresh. What better way to do this than to get rid of all the useless objects that were cluttering up your house?

To optimize your sorting, we advise you to proceed step by step:


Sorting room by room


For you find yourself in the middle of all your boxes, proceed piece by piece.

Start your sorting where you know you store a lot of unused items such as the garage or the attic.

Then, go to the rooms where you are often present like your bedroom for example. Start by sorting the drawers of your bedside tables, then your cupboards.


Sort furniture by furniture


You can also organize yourself differently and proceed furniture by furniture.

Moreover, during your sorting sessions, the enemy stones are often furniture with drawers! It’s often in these cabinets that we leave the objects we use the least.


How to get rid of useless objects?


There are many alternatives for getting rid of your objects.

First, you can sort out the items that are in good condition and those that are unusable.

For your items in good condition, you can consider giving them away, selling them on private sites or even using the services of an antique dealer.

For objects that are unusable, there is only one solution: the rubbish dump.

Or why not give them a second life and recycle them by recovering the wood or giving it a new function?


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