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Moving: why use the services of professionals?

Moving is a big step in your life. That’s why you need to surround yourself with experts in the field to accompany you. Organizing a move on your own can quickly become an insurmountable task, so why not get some help?





Thamarys employee unloads boxes for overseas move

The benefits of professional services


By calling on our professional services, your move will go more smoothly.

But then, what are the advantages of our services?


Save time


While we take care of moving your entire home, you can take care of other time-consuming tasks involved in the move (transfer of your internet or telephone line…)

During a move, your time is precious. By using the services of experts, you inevitably save time for yourself.


Save your efforts and your health


Without being trained as a mover, not everyone can carry heavy, cumbersome loads, handle them on the stairs, load and unload them without harming your health or thatof your family and friends despite their good will. Also the condition of your furniture, real estate and/or common areas can become very expensive if you damage them.

Letting our experts do the work seems to make more sense from every point of view, you save your strength, you preserve your health and that of your loved ones and youcan devote yourself fully to the layout of your new home and welcome your family and friends in complete serenity.


Securing your property


We have all the necessary equipment to pack your items properly.

In addition, our know-how allows a safe transport for your goods.


Gaining serenity


You don’t have to organise anything any more, all the work (organisation, transport, carrying boxes and heavy objects) is taken care of: from packing all your belongings athome to unpacking them in the new home, we can take care of all the key stages of your move.

All you have to do is choose the offer that suits you and that will best meet your needs.


Feel free to simulate a free quote or to contact us by mail or phone.

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