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Our advices

The paperwork to be held two weeks before your relocation:

Transfer your bank account to one of the agencies of your new municipality
Subscribe to insurance for your new home
Update your address on your car insurance and other documents
Close your telephone subscription for the day after your move and open a phone line in your new home
Proceed to the cancellation of your water service contract and subscribe to the water service of your new home
Subscribe to the post office for the automatic redirection of your mail

You will also need to communicate your new address:

To your employer or your pension fund,
At the Tax Center and tax receipts,
At the Family Allowance Fund,
At the Health Insurance Fund and your mutual,
At the center of the TV license fee, as well as your TV subscriptions
To the press to which you are currently subscribed
At your insurance company,
To your banking and credit organizations

Do not forget also to:

Update the address on your identity card, passport and any other official document if needed
Register when you arrive on the electoral list of your new municipality,
Make a list of doctors and various emergency services in your new neighborhood,
But also, if you wish to keep abreast of the leisure and cultural activities of your new region if any,

The steps to take on the day of your move:

On the day of your move, do not have your phone switched off at your home, or give your mover your mobile number.
Note that we may need to reach you, our moving company as well as your family and friends.

Also for electricity, it is best to have it cut after your move. You or our movers could use it, for cleaning departure for example.

The steps to take as soon as you have made the decision to move:

Notify the owner or the syndicate of your departure
Ask the union, the agency or the owner an effective date for the inventory of fixtures
In the case of a transfer, find out about your rights and occasionally ask for the amount of the relocation bonus to your employer or to social security
Record the property value of the property to be moved and fill in the declaration of value, send it to us
Find new children’s schools
Organize the layout of your new home